Shit I Don’t Regret Spending Money On 

I haven’t written a “monthly favorites” post in over a year, and I’m no longer going to pretend that I’m will stick to any sort of normal posting schedule. So, as a compulsive shopper and impulsive buyer, I introduce you to a new series “Shit I Don’t Regret Spending Money On.”



1. Color Pop Lipstick

I caved and order two of these during a sale in May. (If you look closely you at the photo above you can see all the labels are worn off said lipsticks from carrying them with me everywhere I go). Since then I've bought six more. #HolyGrail 

Ultra Matte Lip and Ultra Satin Lip would be my formula recommendations. 


2. Warby Parker Glasses

One Thursday I arrived at Kilpat’s Karaoke wearing my glasses, per usual. After a few too many $3 Dirty Shirley’s and an impromptu trip to the always classy, Moonshadow Tavern, I awoke in my apartment the next morning glasses no where to be found. After a month of squinting, my strained eyes had had enough. I wanted to see (ha, get it?) what hype was about (and also wanted to all avoid human interaction involved with shopping). I went with the at home try on option, because I’m indecisive and there were so many options. Honestly I wanted all 5 that arrived at my door, but I was able to really test them out and figure out which would compliment my face and style just so. I came out with a pair of glasses for less than $100. 

Sidebar: The frames were a little crooked so I couldn’t avoid ALL human interaction, because I had to make a trip to LensCrafters to have them adjusted, but all in all, no regrets. 


3. Origins Charcoal Mask →

I've tried a lot of masks in my day - sheet, clay, charcoal, store bought, home made - this is definitely my favorite. 


4. Mario Babescu Facial Spray

Let's continue the skin care trend shall we? Confession; I originally picked up one of these as a present for someone (Hi Belen), but then somehow two fell into my basket. Oops. How'd that happen? I use this as a priming spray, a setting spray, a my-face-looks-so-cakey-oh-god-what-can-I-do spray? It's forever refreshing and doesn't smell as much like chemicals as other settings sprays do. 


5. Diva Cup

TMI sorry, but also not sorry at all. LADIES, my menstrual cycle is forever changed. It takes a day or two or three to get used to, but is well worth a few upfront bathroom struggles and the price tag. Just think, you never have to do the emergency Target run in sweats for tampons ever again, or worry about TSS, or wear an adult diaper,  or shove a wad of dry, chemical ridden, cotton up yo— okay you get my point. #TeamMenstrualCup 


6. Spotify Premium

I've been very back and forth on my relationships with streaming subscription services. Way back in the day, I was a Spotify campus representative. Freshman year I carried around a backpack full of Spotify swag during Kendall Day to distribute to overly excited drunk block partiers. (#TBT) I cheated on my beloved Spotify for a time when Apple Music came out, but don't worry I found my way back. The playlists and music discovery on Spotify are unmatched. 


7. Kat Von D Eyeliner


(I've repurchased it three times and yes, I prefer it to the Stila one.)


8. Matching Calvin Klein Underwear & Sports Bra Set

I feel like I can conquer the world, and I’ve also never been comfier. Enough said.


9. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Before I left Pennsylvania, the cosmetics outlet near my house went out of business. Everything was half off already discounted prices. Needless to say I went a little overboard. I've been wearing this as highlighter, blush, and eye shadow. IT IS JUST SO GOD DAMN PRETTY. 


10. Broadway Tickets

Ending a blog post about all material things to contradict myself and say that I'm slowly learning the experiential "Treat Yo Self" purchases are much more satisfying. In June I dropped some major dollars to stay in a nice New York City hotel and see one of my favorite musical artists take the Broadway Stage. Brendan Urie and the cast of Kinky Boots BLEW ME AWAY and the show gave me good vibes for days. 

Moving forward I'm trying to allocate more money to travel and experiences. They are much more rewarding in the long term than buying takeout when I have a fridge full of food or my sixth nude eyeshadow palette. 

Stay tuned as I teach myself to splurge on solo travel. First stop? Amsterdam. 


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