Influencer Marketing & The Ones Worth Following

The influencer marketing landscape is absolutely fascinating to me (and not only because I wish I was paid to post on Instagram). It has given marketers an entirely new way to promote their products/services and (if done right) reach their target audiences. I hate an inauthentic and over the top #ad #sponsored #partner post in my feed as much as the next person, but there are some strategic influencers that take on well thought out partnerships and create great content. (These aforementioned strategic influencers do not include the incessant affiliate marketing that typically comes from the Bachelor franchise, love you though @alexiswaters_).

The use of celebrity endorsements and spokespeople have been components of marketers' toolboxes for quite some time. Influencer marketing took endorsements in to the social media age. They give brands access to organically created communities and audiences. Influencers gain followings from creative and entertaining content (and maybe a few strategically curated hashtags).

There are two categories of influencers, the relatable... and the not so relatable. The former, you see yourself in them. The latter, you want to be them. The more successful you become as an influencer, the less relatable you are to the masses (à la, jet-setting to new locations weekly, donning all designer brands, skincare routines that cost a months rent, etc.).  There are a rare few that despite their rising success manage to stay down to earth. They still have a hit of that "you see yourself in them" despite their overwhelmingly "you want to be them" nature.

Now presenting... those rare few. 

Cheyenne Adler || @adamantlyadler

WHY FOLLOW? Kickass Woman in Tech, Daily Dose of Mental Health Realness, and Style Goals

Kayleigh Harrington || @kayleighharrington

WHY FOLLOW? NYC Foodie, Travel Expert, and Statement Piece Aficionado

Rachel Martino || @rachmartino

WHY FOLLOW? Bubbly BFF Vibes, Parisian Travel Guides, STUNNING Photos (Like A+ to Her Photographer)

looking at the weather in Paris today like 👀

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Olivia || @livvylandblog

WHY FOLLOW? Dreamy Casual Style and Flatlays for Days

Ryan Norville || @cinnamonryan

WHY FOLLOW? Skin Care Goddess, #Shelfie Queen, and Rocks a Wide Leg Pant Like Theres No Tomorrow

Prepping for jet lag and getting sick when I get back to NYC.

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Noelle Downing || @noelledowning

WHY FOLLOW? Nonstop Body Positivity, Adorable Pets, and A Million and One Ways to Style Glasses

I'm also lucky enough to have two friends kilin' the influencer game.

(You both make me want to overhaul my wardrobe and move back to NYC).

Luke Summerlin || @summerluv_styles

Caroline St. Francis || @carolinestfrancis

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