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Lexapro 10mg Daily

Disclaimer: Unfortunately many discussions about mental health are accompanied by accusations of someone seeking attention. I am sharing this extremely personal post in an effort to bring mental illness out of the darkness and do my part in relieving the world of its vicious stigma.


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Makeup: More Than Just A Pretty Face

 I've made the transition from using makeup as a tool to hide every single flaw to using it to enhance my features. This has been crucial to my identity and self worth. I've come to realize that no one cares if I leave my house au natural (expect for that one teacher who always tells me I look tired, screw you). 

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After spending an entire semester exploring different countries, cuisines, and people, I’m hungry for something the suburbs cannot possibly provide.  I really was not made for a town where the most exciting thing that happens all week is Trivia Night at Applebee’s on Wednesdays. (I’m realizing now how pop punk that sounds. *Cue “All Signs Point To Lauderdale” by A Day To Remember*)

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