A Few Of My Favorite Things: March

In an effort to be a more positive human being I am revamping the monthly favorites concept. I am hoping it will give me a chance to reflect each month on the good things instead of the bad. Even if those good things include things that may seem silly like discovering a delicious brand of chai tea or buying a dry shampoo that just works PERFECTLY. So, without further ado, I present to you my favorite things for the month of March.

1. White Sneakers That Make Me Feel Like I'm From Back To The Future

So, I very impulsively bought sneakers similar to the ones pictured above at Primark a few weeks ago. (What was I supposed to do, they were only 17 dollars?) I am having a really hard time styling them, but I think eventually I will get the hang of it. (Note: After one wear they were covered in dirt, so they are looking less fresh. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a band thing).

2. Extra Toasty Cheez-Its

Just trust me on this one, okay guys?


I discovered sushi in March. When I say sushi I mean California Rolls. Baby steps, people, baby steps. 

4. Eufora Nourish Beautifying Serum

For those of you who follow me on just about any social media platform, you know 2016 was the year I lost my hair dying virginity.  I am one of those people who really loves change and my hair needed a change. Cutting my hair is one of my greatest fears, so that was out of the question. I decided to do a blonde ombre instead. Being a novice to the hair dying world, I was unaware just how straw-like your hair becomes after it has been bleached. Thankfully this expensive little bottle of hair oil from the gods changed that. My hair is now looking oh so lucious. 

5. Cage the Elephant's Album "Tell Me I'm Pretty" 

Technically this album came out in December and technically it has been in my possession since January, but I finally gave it a good listen this month. I've been a Cage fan for awhile,  when "Shake Me Down" came out I don't think I listened to anything else for a solid week and a half.  My favorite track from this album is "Punching Bag" so if you're thinking about listening,  I'd start there. 

6. House of Cards

Season 4 of House of Cards was released on March 4. I think I finished it by March 8th. #Underwoods2016

7. Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette by the Balm 

This past summer I finally caved and finally bought my first Naked Palette (Naked 2, to be specific). I do love it, but I much prefer a matte look to a glittery one. Using the Naked Palette and the Meet Matt(e) Palette together has really allowed me to do much more subtle and natural looks. If I am going for more over the top glittery eyes the matte palette is really great for crease or transition colors.  


I know I just talked about my favorite beauty product, but I really have gotten away from doing a full face of makeup every single day (I'll say it is because I've gotten more comfortable with myself, but really I've just gotten more lazy).  I still love taking an hour to contour the hell out of every hollow of my face and perfect the berry lip/winged liner combo, BUT just throwing on some BB cream and mascara has been really refreshing. 

9. Murad Post‑Acne Spot Lightening Gel

Things I've always been super self conscious about: Acne. 

Things I haven't dealt with in awhile due to this product: Acne.

This product is a lightner so it has really helped to fade my acne scars. It also contains tea tree oil so it has cleared up my face tremendously as well. 

10. Men's Sweaters From Target 

I am a strong advocate for not letting your wardrobe or shopping experience be defined by your gender. I love the men's department at just about every store. Flannels and sweaters are usually my favorite finds.  Unfortunately it is still very cold in Ithaca, the weather did not get the Spring has Sprung memo, so I found myself wearing sweaters just about every day in March. This olive green one from Target is one of my favorites.