I've Lost My Reading Nook

Growing up, I was a dork. There is no denying it. My summers were spent reading as many books as possible in order to win a competition at my local library.  I took pride in the fact that my reading level was always at several grades ahead. I entered the "gifted" program when I was in elementary school. Teacher's pet was probably my official title. 

I will never forget the day the last Harry Potter book came out. I sat in this little corner of my room filled with pillows, my makeshift reading nook. I finished it in less than 48 hours (then feel asleep for 14 hours and woke up with 101 fever, but that is another story). I started reading (and finished reading) the first Hunger Games book while at the beach and made my mom drive 30 minutes to the closest bookstore so I could get the next two. I used to fight with my brother over our collection of Magic Treehouse books. 

Reading used to be an integral part of my life and to be seen without a book in my hand was rarity. Do not get me wrong I still love stories in all forms, but the last book I read was #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso (side note: so inspirational and made me want to have the most kick ass career). I finished it in a week. That week was six months ago. I have not read a book for pleasure since August and that is just upsetting.  

I can blame my lack of reading on a lot of things.

I do not have enough time.

I already read so much for my classes.

I have read all the books I own. 

All of these reasons are (pardon my French) -- bullshit

There is no excuse. 

From this day forward, I will (attempt) to read a book a month. In theory this seems like an extremely feasible tasks because most times I can finish a book in a weekend, but the motivation up until now has been extremely lacking. Book number one is going to be Gone Girl. I chose to start with this because I have been dying to see the movie and I am definitely one of those book before the movie snobs.  

If any of you have any suggestions for my April selection (or my May or June or July selection) please let me know. Maybe next year my goal can be to read two books a month, but we may be getting ahead of ourselves here. 

Here's to reclaiming my reading nook and checking things off my book bucket list.