Round 2

This is my second attempt at starting a “big girl” blog.  I say “big girl” blog because I don’t think my 6 year old Tumblr full of Parks and Rec gifs and Sylvia Plath quotes really counts. You can see how well my first attempt at this “big girl” blogging went here.

It turns out when you arrive in a foreign country with total freedom writing down your thoughts in a coherent manner for friends and family is the last thing on your mind. So.

Here we are again.


And me.

And the idea that my motivation to write will last longer than a week.

I fully intend for this blog to be complete word vomit. I have no plan.  Planning is a process I have not yet mastered and thinking about planning makes me want to actually vomit, so we’ll rely on my spontaneity for the time being, if that is okay.

Maybe I’ll write. Maybe I’ll post design work. Maybe I’ll put up some photography.

Maybe I’ll do all three.

Now in return for this word vomit I will be so graciously delivering to you, I ask that you do just one thing. If a week goes by and there is not a brand spanking new post for you I want you to nag me. I want you to nag me as well as my mother nags me to clean my room, call the doctor, send out those thank you notes, etc. Do we have a deal?


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