June Favorites

They say the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. So here goes…

I, Bridget Strawn, am addicted to beauty gurus on YouTube. The amount of hours I have spent watching various hauls, makeup tutorials, product reviews, and monthly favorites video is straight up embarrassing.

(Though, I have no desire to recover from this addiction, in fact, this blog post is furthering that addiction.)

In trying my best to resemble their seemingly perfect lives, I too will be doing monthly favorites, not in video form, but close enough.  Now, these won’t necessarily be beauty favorites so male readers (or those just generally uninterested in beauty products, I shouldn’t gender stereotype) don’t go running away just yet.

Without further adieu, my favorite things in the month of June.

1. Mad Men

I started Mad Men on May 7th. I finish Mad Men on June 13th. There are 7 seasons. Each season has 14 episodes. I’ll let you do the math.

2. The Duolingo App

After traveling throughout Europe and meeting people from anywhere and everywhere I learned one thing; Everyone else is more cultured than I am. Just about every person I met in Europe spoke two or more lanuages – fluently. I, on the other hand could only get out a few basic sentences of elementary grade Spanish. Duolingo allows me to practice Spanish in a way that isn’t too overwhelming or time consuming.

3. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Have you tried this stuff? (Much like guacamole I could eat it with a spoon.)

4. Clinique Skincare

I thought by age 20 my hormones would not be as spastic and acne would be a thing of the past. I was OH so wrong.

5. Maybelline Color Tattoos

I know I am about 3 years late to this party but DAMN these things are wonderful. On a daily basis, I am all about making my beauty routine as short as possible because, uhm more sleep. These potted cream eye shadows are perfect for a good wash of color to make me look some what put together for work. (Thanks Maybelline).

6. DIY Section of Buzzfeed

As someone who will be moving into their first apartment in two months, I am a little too obsessed with DIY ideas. Pinterest is great, but Buzzfeed has less crap to sort through. (Buzzfeed has ruined my ability to read anything that is not in list form).

7. T Shirt Dresses with Statement Necklaces

I bought three basically identical t shirt dresses in different colors this month. No shame. They are super comfortable and it looks like I put effort into my appearance which we all know isn’t true.

8. The X Ambassadors

Listen to their new album, VHS and you will understand. (Gorgeous and Renegade are my personal favorite tracks.)

9. Eco Tools Eye Enhancing Duo Set

For anyone who spends hours drooling over Sigma or Mac brushes but is too broke to afford them, this brush set is for you. It was truly a game changer.

10. WordPress

I’ve spent a lot more time writing posts for my internship’s WordPress blog this month than my own, but it doesn’t diminish my love. Thanks to Word Press I’ve learned to use my word vomit for good.